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Finish the Pattern (Part 6 of the Draft Your New Favourite T-Shirt Pattern Series)

We are onto part 6 of the t-shirt pattern drafting series. So far we have gathered our suppliestaken our measurements, performed some of the necessary calculations we needed, and drafted the bodice and sleeves of our pattern. Now that we have drafting the pattern, there are some finishing touches we need to do. We will be making any adjustments we need, adding a seam allowance and labelling the pattern pieces.

There are a few last steps:

  • Some design adjustments you might like to make could include a curved hem or extra ease at this hips to allow a more flowy look (I have added a photo here that shows how the shirt looks if you add the extra ease to the hips).
  • There are some changes that need to be made. You will want to make sure all of your corners are perfectly square, you need to add a hem allowance, and add a seam allowance. One other thing you want to do when you are putting the finishing touches on your pattern, is to make sure that the sleeve cap (top of the sleeve) is equal to or larger than the armscye on the bodice. Measure these sections using a measuring tape so you can accurately measure the curve. If the sleeve cap is smaller than the armscye, adjust the sleeve cap curve to be curvier so that it is equal or larger.
  • You will want to label your pattern pieces. You need to add your fold lines, your grainline, the cut instructions, the direction of stretch, the seam allowance you used, the pattern piece names (ie bodice and sleeve) and the pattern name (ex. My New Favourite T).

Check out the video below to watch me make the final adjustments to my pattern:

  • NOTE: in this video, I forgot to add that you should add the direction of stretch as well as write the seam allowance on the pattern pieces (I just write ‘1/4″ SA’). The direction of stretch runs perpendicular to the grain line direction. The seam allowance should be written on the pattern pieces so when you use it in the future, you will know what seam allowance to use.

Now you are done drafting your T-shirt pattern! Next we need to cut out the pattern pieces.

I’d love to hear how you are progressing. Comment below or join our Facebook group, email me or use our Instagram hashtag #appletreedraftatee.



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