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Share it! (Part 9 of the Draft Your New Favourite T-Shirt Pattern Series)

We have finished our t-shirts! YAY! I hope you love yours as much as I love mine 🙂

Here’s the steps we completed to draft our t-shirts:

  1. Gather supplies
  2. Take Measurements
  3. Calculations
  4. Draft Bodice
  5. Draft Sleeve
  6. Finishing Pattern
  7. Cut Piece
  8. Sew it!

Now that we are finished I would love for you to share your finished creations.

This drafting method can be used to draft a t-shirt, tank top, dress, long sleeve shirt, and probably even more! I would love to see what you’ve created. Feel free to watermark you photos so people can find you 🙂

There are a few options for how you can share your creations.

  • You can comment below with a link to your photos (if they are online)
  • You can upload them to our Facebook group (if you are reading this between March 31st and April 6th we have a sew along going on in there).
  • You can send them to me in an email (
  • You can use our hashtag #appletreedraftatee on Instagram.

Here’s some of the shirts I’ve made:


If you’re looking for a cute skirt to go with your new t-shirt, you can find my tutorial for a gathered circle skirt with pockets here 🙂

I look forward to seeing your creations! Thank you for your participation!


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