Draft Your T-Shirt

Welcome to our t-shirt pattern drafting resource!  Here you can find my blog series where we will work together to draft your own T-shirt pattern using your measurements. This will be your new favourite T-shirt pattern because it is made to fit your exact body.

Here are the steps we will be following:

1.Gather supplies

(Day 1 of the sew along)


2. Take Measurements

(Day 2 of the sew along)


3. Calculations

(Day 2 of the sew along)


4. Draft Bodice

(Day 3 of the sew along)


5. Draft Sleeve

(Day 3 of the sew along)


6. Finishing Pattern

(Day 3 of the sew along)


7. Cut Pieces 

(Day 4 of the sew along)


8. Sew it!

(Day 4 of the sew along)


9. Share it!

(Day 4 of the sew along)





We will be working through this process as a sew-along in our facebook group, so if you are reading this between March 31st to April 5th, 2017, you should join in! If you’ve missed the sew along you can still join our group to see pictures or share your progress through the pattern drafting process.

We also have some other fun ways for you to share your progress! You can tag us on Instagram (@appletreesewing) or use our hashtag #appletreedraftatee or you can share in the comments on each post.

What will we be learning?

  • If you want a little to learn a bit about me and get a preview of this resource you can check out the About Me section of this website and scroll down to the video.

What if I’ve never worked with knit fabrics before?

Why should I learn how to draft a t-shirt?

  • If you’d like to hear my 6 reasons why you should learn to sew your own clothes, you can listen to episode 3 of my Sewing Together podcast.


This resource was originally created as a project for a class I was taking for my Master’s of Education in Educational Technology and Design.

I adapted my t-shirt pattern drafting technique from the techniques taught in the following resource:

Aldrich, W. (2015). Metric pattern cutting for women’s wear. Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell.


Don’t forget there are lots of ways for you to share your progress or ask any questions:

I can’t wait to see what you create!

Click here to get started.