Episode 3: 6 Reasons Why You Should Learn To Sew Your Own Clothes

Sewing Together
Sewing Together
Episode 3: 6 Reasons Why You Should Learn To Sew Your Own Clothes

In this episode I share my top 6 reasons why I think you should learn to sew your own clothes. I go over the fun reasons, the practical reasons and the ethical reasons why sewing your own clothes is awesome.  I also share some of our Facebook friends’ reasons why they sew their own clothing.

This episode gets a bit dark when we go over the ethics of clothing manufacturing so you might want to just skip over reasons 3 & 4 if your wanting to stick more to the happy fun parts of sewing 😉

The documentary I mentioned is called The True Cost. You can learn more about that here: http://truecostmovie.com/

I think this video on crayons is probably the one I watched as a kid, but looking back on it, it actually does have a lot of people involved in the process. Don’t they all look super happy though?

Here are links to the Facebook pages for our friends that shared their responses for this episode:

Sew Many Monkeys

And Me Sewing

Tiffany And Tot

I’d love to hear from you, why you love to sew your own clothing, or why you want to start sewing your own clothing. Share below or in our Facebook Group, on our Facebook Page or on Instagram @appletreesewing.

If you are interested in purchasing The Bunnyhug Grow with me hoodie pattern, you can find that here.


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