Episode 12: How to Choose Patterns & Fabric for Your Sewn Capsule Wardrobe (Sew a Capsule Wardrobe Part 3)

In this episode I share some tips and strategies on how to choose the perfect sewing patterns and fabric for your sewn capsule wardrobe. Here are the links I referred to in the podcast: On the Grow Romper Etsy Link: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/540659433/apple-tree-on-the-grow-romper-pdf-sewing?ref=market My colour palette: https://coolors.co/413c58-829399-bcf8ec-ffffff-f7e9e3 Polyvore (link to some capsule wardrobe ideas): https://www.polyvore.com/capsule_wardrobes/group.show?id=91338 Pattern recommendations […]

Episode 9: Why I Love Grow With Me Sewing Patterns!

In today’s episode I share 6 reasons why I love grow with me clothing, as well as the grow with me patterns I know of. Grow with me clothing is clothing that will “grow” with your child because of the extra long cuffs or waistbands. My 6 reasons why I love grow with me clothing: […]

Episode 6: 15 Sewing Mistakes I’ve Made

In this episode I share 15 common sewing mistakes I have made, that I really try not to make anymore. The sewing pattern reviews/tips website (The Fold Line) I shared in the episode can be found here. I love that you can search for a specific style, or narrow it down to what will look […]

DIY Clay Pattern Weights

  Have you seen these super cute donut pattern weights on Etsy?! The Oh Sew Quaint shop has all sorts of scrumptious looking sweets that are actually pattern weights. After seeing the pattern weight donuts shared on a Facebook group I’m was inspired to make some sweet treats of my own. Here’s how I did […]