Easiest DIY Headband Ever!

I’ve been meaning to post this for so long! This is my super easy 1 seam knotted headband tutorial.

I had a baby almost a year ago and right around month 4 postpartum, my hair started to fall out… a lot. Now, all the hair that fell out is starting to grow back and I’ve got all these little tiny hairs sticking up at my hairline. 

To hide those crazy strays I like to wear headbands and this is my go to easy peasy knotted headband.

For this tutorial you will need a thin stretchy knit fabric in a solid color. You can use a print but you’ll either have the wrong side of the fabric showing from the curled edges or you will need to alter the tutorial a bit to create a tube. You will also need a tape measure, scissors, sewing machine and coordinating thread.

1. Start by measuring your head circumference. If you are wanting to make a headband for a baby you can use this chart to see average head circumferences for 0-36 months.

2. Cut a rectangle that is 2-4″ high (depending how wide you want your headband) and the width is equal to 1/2″ less than your head circumference. I like to use a cotton lycra so the ends will roll, but whatever fabric you decide to use, make sure it’s got about 50% stretch to it. If you are new to sewing with knits you can listen to my podcast on sewing with knits, or download this document to help you.

NOTE: If you are using a print fabric, you will want to cut it double the height you want, fold it in half so the long cut edges are aligned and the right sides are together.  Sew a seam along the long cut edge. Turn the tube right sides out and press so the seam lays along the side of the rectangle.

3. Tie a loose knot near one end of the strip of fabric.

4. Align the cut ends of the fabric, so they are off-centre. The wrong sides of the fabric should be touching and the side edge of each end should align with the centre of the other end as shown below.

5. Fold the edges of the fabric over one another so the ends are intertwined.


6. Sew the end.

7. Open the headband so the right side is face out and the sewn seam folds in on itself.

8. Loosen the knot and slide it over the seam to hide the seam and then tighten the knot.


And you’re done!

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