How to use the full circle skirt in the Short Shorts pattern with directional fabric:

Are you wanting to make a full circle skirt with directional fabric? If you split the pattern into two pieces you can use directional fabric and not have the back be upside down. Follow this tutorial to learn how to do this!

1. Fold your pattern piece in half aligning the half circle along the waist (highlighted in red below). the bottom edges won’t align because the front and back of the skirt have different shapes.

Make sure the front and back align along the waist (in red)

2. Unfold the pattern and draw a line along the fold

3. Cut along the line you drew. At this point you can make a note to add the seam allowance along the cut line. I like to label the back of the back piece as well though so this isn’t entirely necessary.

4. Label your new pattern pieces as skirt front and skirt back. The fold line should be on the right side. Make sure to note that 3/8″ seam allowance needs to be added to the top. You can add a piece of paper to add this seam allowance, or just make a note to add it while cutting.

5. Cut your back piece on the fold. Be sure to add the 3/8″ seam allowance and that the directional fabric is facing the right way.

Note that I added 3/8″ seam allowance

6. Cut your front piece on the fold (again make sure the directional fabric is pointed the right way.)

7. Place the front piece on the back piece aligning the top cut edges.

8. Sew the seam at the top of the skirt (where you added the seam allowance).

Now you are ready to attach the skirt in the Apple Tree Shorty Shorts tutorial.

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