Episode 9: Why I Love Grow With Me Sewing Patterns!

Sewing Together
Sewing Together
Episode 9: Why I Love Grow With Me Sewing Patterns!

In today’s episode I share 6 reasons why I love grow with me clothing, as well as the grow with me patterns I know of.

Grow with me clothing is clothing that will “grow” with your child because of the extra long cuffs or waistbands.

My 6 reasons why I love grow with me clothing:

  1. You can feel better about cutting into the fabric you are hoarding.
  2. Saves you Money
  3. Easier to build a handmade wardrobe (Here’s a link to the article that has the quote I mentioned about extending your clothing’s life by 9 months: https://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/sustainable-fashion-blog/2015/jan/14/10-things-learned-zero-waste-fashion-industry)
  4. Don’t have to box up your child’s favourites as often = happier child 😉
  5. Works for in-between sizes
  6. Perfect diaper bag clothing

Bonus for sellers: I find it is easier to price fairly.

We also heard some reasons why other people in the sewing community love grow with me clothing.

Here are the patterns I mention:

My Patterns

The Bunnyhug Grow with Me Hoodie:




The Bunny Bottoms Grow with Me Harem Pants:




And the grow-with-me romper pattern will be delayed because my poor baby got an ear infection so he’s needed lots of extra mommy cuddles so I haven’t spent any time at the computer. Now the next class for my master’s degree starts next week so I am not sure when I will get around to finishing. Hopefully soon though 🙂


Other Designers’ Patterns Mentioned

The original grow with me pants (I think?) Maxaloones

Opulent Monsters Monster Bunz

Thread Faction Studio Shorties

Thread Faction Studio Pirate Pants

Halla Forever Fit Joggers

Another Grow with Me Pattern:

When I was searching etsy to get the links for these patterns I did find another grow with me pattern.

Stitch Upon a Time Beanstalk Britches (Which I actually have the pattern for but haven’t made yet. Can’t believe I forgot about these! And these are made with a woven fabric)


Do you know of any grow with me clothing patterns I didn’t mention? What do you like (or don’t like) about grow with me clothing? Share in the comments below 🙂


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    1. Thanks! I didn’t actually sew any of those. They are the work of my amazing pattern testers. They are the best!

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